Digital Marketing is simple…

unless you make it complicated.

  • Who are you advertising to?
  • What does your product do for them?
  • Why is it superior to alternative products?
  • How can you prove your case?
  • Where should you advertise to reach prime prospects?
  • When is the best time to reach them?

The “AOK” in AOK Marketing stands for:

‘An Opportunity Knocks’

  • Any advertising that truly speaks to a customer and drives them to buy is deemed ‘AOK’.

How do we measure what’s ‘AOK’

versus what’s just ‘OK’?

We have a very specific process to determine if something is AOK.
  1. Does it pass the 3 x 80% rule? (it has to be 99.2% perfect)
  2. In an experiment or A/B testing, does it out-perform the control?
  3. Does it answer the questions: Why you, why true, why now?

We help you find exactly how, where, and when your hottest prospects go about shopping for your product or service.  Then we intercept them when their wallets are out and they are ready to buy.

“It just has to work.”

This is what we hear from clients daily.  Because we understand that marketing should be a profit center, not a cost center, we build solutions that actually deliver results.

Why we do the things we do…

and how you can gain from our experience!

  • How our competitors became our largest customers and raving fans!

We own over 3,000 websites in various market verticals.  These are not customer sites… they are our sites.  We spend our own money marketing these sites generating tons of revenue for various business units.

Fortunately… this success got us noticed.

Some of our friendly competitors were getting calls from THEIR customers about products they found on one of OUR sites.  This drove some competitors mad, but others called us up and asked us what we were doing.  Once we explained our unique approach, our vast experience, and our willingness to share… they asked us if we could we help them generate revenue online.

So we did.  And now, here we are helping HUNDREDS of companies drive sales online.

And we can help you.

Every single strategy we apply to our customer’s marketing we apply to our own sites first.  We test, re-test, and test some more.  Once we have a winning strategy, we apply it across different sites to ensure success.  Each site is different… and every customer is different… so we take the basics we learn the hard way and apply them to your campaigns.

A quick summary of what we do…

and why it matters.

  • We learn about your business.  We review your online presence and give it an update so consumers will find your local business online.
  • We boost your traffic and we make sure all the relevant technical factors are handled so your site is displayed prominently in search results.
  • We make sure you have a productive social media presence, and monitor what your competition is up to so you don’t have to.

Bottom line:  We take care of your online presence so you can take care of business.

Our process, broken down into seven steps, can be found on Our Story below.

  • Website Design

    From Out-Dated to Up-Dated

    Refresh your online presence to capture your prospect’s attention.  This starts with a website that looks great, is easy to update —and performs well too!

  • Ad Boost

    Google AdWords Development and Management

    As a certified Google Partner, we will develop a targeted ad campaign that amplifies every message and maximizes every marketing dollar. You get relevant keywords, ad formats, bid strategies and landing pages designed to get you the most responses possible in your target market.

    AOK Marketing Google Partner Badge

  • Search Optimization

    Local Listings

    We will create and update your listings, manage your location information and resolve duplicate listings.


    We will create appropriate meta tags, snippet information, and other on-site factors required for high rank on search engines.


    We will maintain your Webmaster listing, monitor link growth and health, and recommend strategies.

    Blog Calendar

    We will help you develop a publishing calendar to develop thought leadership and stay top-of-mind with your prospects.

  • Social Media


    Establishing your presence on social media is a must. We will set up and optimize your presence on all the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.


    Utilizing your thought leadership from your blog, posts to social networks can drive relevant website traffic.


    Ever wonder what other sites are up do?  We keep an eye on them with our Online Activity Comparison so you can keep an eye on your business. We’ll keep you informed if they do anything that gets lots of engagement.

What others say about us

Kate M

AOK is amazing to work with. They have performed last minute miracles for me many times and are always very competitive with their pricing.

Kate MEvent Manager
Erin G

The team at AOK have always provided superior customer service and continually go above and beyond to produce results. Their knowledge of products, markets and branding expertise are unparalled and have made a definite impact on our business.

Erin G Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility
Marie-Noelle C

AOK is great at staying focused on customer’s request without losing track of their company’s benefits while creating and maintaining a Win/Win business relationship.

Marie-Noelle CExecutive Assistant
Michael B

Worked with AOK on numerous project as both a supplier and business partner. Never have I seen a company so dedicated to providing their clients with speedy, courteous and professional service.

Michael B CEO, Visual Communications Specialist

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