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If you’re selling products and/or services through a website, and use Google AdWords to drive traffic, you know it is easy to get started, but hard to get the traffic and conversion rates you want.  So, in order to get better, is it possible you could use a little expert help?  So do others, and there are a number of blogs about AdWords on the internet which can help you with Google AdWords.

You’ve found this blog – and we have lots of resources – from AdWords fixes, to conversion rate optimization, and our New York SEO company team is second to none.  You can sign up here and we’ll keep you up to date every week.

But if our resources just aren’t enough for you, here are some of the best AdWords bloggers around:

Amanda Sibley, is the campaign manager at HubSpot, and she handles the promotion of new content to bring in new leads.  She believes that AdWords is the best way to drive web traffic, and she is an expert in targeted campaigns.  You can also follow her on Twitter at @AmandaSibley1.

Lisa Raehsler is an expert at PPC optimization.  She is one of the founders of Big Click Company.  Big Click Company is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and she has experience in a variety of successful AdWord campaigns.  You can also follow her on Twitter at @LisaRocksSEM.

If you want the help of a true PPC master, then Elisa Gabbert is a name you need to know.  She is the Content Development Manager at WordStream Inc.  They are providers of AdWords tools and services.  She frequently weighs in on the WordStream blog, where advanced PPC ,and marketing strategies are dissected and analyzed.  You can also follow her on Twitter at @egabbert.

Are you getting clicks and web site visitors, but not getting enough conversions?  Then you need to take a look at the blogs by Aaron Charlie.  Aaron is an expert in advising web site sellers on how to direct customers to the right landing page. You may also follow him on Twitter at @aaroncharlie, and by doing so, you can get the latest information he has to offer on AdWords and other relevant topics.

Want some sure-fire AdWords tips from a true expert in the field?  Then you need to be reading the blogs of Justin Bruce.  Among the things he can teach you about AdWords include how to improve your quality score, and use search engine optimization and AdWords together for more exposure.  You can also follow Justin on Twitter at @justinbruce1969.

Are you an owner of a small business, who is hoping AdWords can take you to the next level and beyond?  Then you need to read the blogs of Zach Thompson.  Zach can help you to design your ad campaign, and how to optimize your web site to get the most possible conversions.  His blogs can also teach you how to use ad extensions, how to make ads that actually sell, and teach you what you need to know about transactional keywords.  You can also follow Zach on Twitter at @RYPMarketing.

Bethany Bey has been working with AdWords for many years, and she can help you with a number of issues you may be having.  She will show you how landing pages make sales, not ads and keywords.  You can also learn when, and when not to offer discounts to shoppers who may have abandoned a shopping cart on your web site.  She can also offer you excellent insights in Quality Scores (QS).  You can follow Bethany on Twitter at @Bethany_Bey.

If you are like many people using AdWords today, you are concerned about your click-through rates.  If you read the blogs of Angela Stringfellow, she can help you with these issues and more.  Here you will find valuable tips for using seasonal tie-ins to help your web site grab attention.  Here she gives expert  advice for managing a start-up company.  Whether you have a large company, or a small one, she has advice that you can use to grow your business.  You can follow her on Twitter at @CODAConcepts.

If some quick and easy optimizations tips are what you are seeking, you need to be reading the blogs of Sarah Peduzzi.  Here you can learn how to use powerful tools such as the Search Query Report.  Other tips include how to do ad copy testing, and the inside scope on bid scheduling.  If you need some true inside information from an expert in the field, this is a blog that you should be reading on a regular basis to reach the level of success you are seeking.  You can follow Sarah on Twitter at @sduzy496.

If you are not yet sold on why you should be using AdWords, then you need to read what Nahid Saleem has to say in the subject.  His blog will give you at least 10 very good reasons why you should have an AdWords campaign.  He goes several steps further by showing you how you can have a high return, on a small investment.  You will also learn how to track success, or a lack thereof, so you can make adjustments.  You will also learn best practices for selecting keywords that will get you local web traffic.  You can follow Nahid on Twitter at @antsmagazine.

Many people today doing internet marketing have a hard time reconciling search engine optimization (SEO) and AdWords.  If this describes you, it would bode well for you to take a look at the blog of Tom Demers.  In this informative blog, Tom walks you through all of the basics, and also touches on more advanced subjects such as using the Conceptual Targeting Tool, and the Keyword Tool.  Other topics he often talks about include placements and retargeting.  If you want to follow him on Twitter, to get information on the latest blogs, you can reach him at @TomDemers.

If you are seeking information for an advanced account structure for AdWords, you can gain some serious insight by reading the blogs of Eric Wortman.  Here you will learn that the structure of your AdWords account is something that is too often overlooked.  You can learn tips on keyword bundling, and other tips such as how to label ad groups and campaigns. Eric is a PPC expert who works at Pure Visibility.  He is an expert in ads for social media as well, so if you are considering adding a social media campaign to work in tandem with AdWords, this is one guy you need to pay attention to.  You can reach him on Twitter at @Eric_A2.  You can also find him by name om Google+.

Getting quality clicks from your Google AdWords is perhaps the number one concern of all internet marketers.  To get more information on how to improve your numbers, read the blogs of Chris Soames.  Here you will find a wealth of information including the dos and don’ts of PPC, and how to reduce the number of bounces.  Here you will find specific examples that you can use for yourself to make your AdWords campaign work better.

Are you a person who is just started out in Google AdWords, and needs some really good advice from an expert in the field?  Then you need to take a look at the blogs of Dave Burnett.  There is no better way to get started and avoid some of the mistakes novices have made.  He’s used our Toronto SEO company services in the past and raves about them.

If you are a more advanced Google AdWords user, and need some instructions on using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, the blogs of Ryan Kettler can help.  Detailed instructions will help even users who are technically challenged to use the tool in an effective manner.  Ryan is the Director of Content for BoostSuit, which is a company known for helping small businesses market their products.  He is an expert in all things that are content marketing.  By reading his blogs, small business owners can learn what the right keywords are to use with their web sites.  You can get all of the latest blogs he has to offer and more by following him on Twitter at @boostsuite.  If you are a small business owner who does not have a Twitter account, it is in you best interest to get one so you can follow Ryan and get his insights on Google AdWords.

Cathy Nguyen touches on the subject of Ad Extensions with Google AdWords on her blogs.  Her blogs focus on how you can enhance the user experience of those visiting your web site, and basics and more advanced steps that need to be taken in setting up an AdWords account in detail.  She also makes it clear how to use mobile app extensions, location extensions, call extensions, and sitelinks extensions to make it easier for customers to access your site.  Cathy can be reached at Twitter at @eqmarketing.

The subject of retargeting potential customers is the focus of a very interesting series of blogs by Matt Ganzak.  Customers that many businesses would have given up on can be reeled in and converted into buyers using his sage advice.  If there is a way to reach out to customer in a dignified manner, and relate what your product can do for them, it is covered here in detail.  Turn those people who only window shop at your web site into loyal customers with the help of these blogs.  Matt can be reached on Twitter at @MattGanzak.

Once a Google AdWords campaign is up and running, just how exactly does one go about managing it?  This is just one of the topics address by blogger Jack Martin.  Daily, weekly, and monthly tips on managing your AdWords account will help you to catch up with the competition, or to stay on top.  If you are going to target mobile users, this one blog you need to read, as you will need his advice for coming up with mobile landing pages designed just for the smartphone user.  Mobile ad campaigns are not as easy, or the same, as a user looking at your web site from a desktop or a laptop, and you need to be prepared for this.  You can keep up with Jack on Twitter at @jackthemartin.  Some of his other blogs also have valuable information as to keyword research.

If you want to unlock the “ultimate keyword research treasure trove,” this blog by Larry Kim may be just what you are looking for.  Pirate lingo aside, in this blog, you can gain some serious insights as to how to use SEO keyword research data from your own AdWords account, and put them to work for you today.  He can also help in going beyond Google analytics to find what it working for your ad campaign, and what is not.  You can reach Larry on Twitter at @larrykim.

If you need to learn more about Google Analytics, you must read the blogs of Carrie Hill.  She touches on a number of useful subjects including using Google’s own tools to boost your return on investment.  Step-by-step instructions on how to use them, and how to react to what you find here will go a long way in helping you to have a successful internet business that stands up to the test of time.  You can reach Carrie through her Twitter account at @carriehill.  By following her, you will increase your odds of having a successful Google AdWords campaign.

With the help and advice from all of these experts in the field of PPC, you will find all of the answers you need to get an ad campaign up and running, manage it in an effective manner, take a close look at how well it is doing, and know how to tweak and adjust it if the results are not up to par.

While it may be true that no two web sites, and no two AdWord campaigns are the same, what these experts have to offer, with years of managing accounts of all types, will ring true no matter what product or service you have to offer.