Google Analytics Acquisition Overview Walkthrough

Google Analytics – Acquisition Overview Walkthrough

September 10, 2021 / by Dave Burnett

I’m here today to talk to you a little about a little bit about analytics and how we use it to better help our customers grow their business through digital marketing. And even though we are partial to different channels, what I’m going to go through today is acquisition...

Google Analytics Audience Overview

Google Analytics – Audience Overview Walkthrough

August 11, 2021 / by Dave Burnett

Dave Burnett here with AOK marketing; I just wanted to continue explaining Google analytics and how we use it for our customers. And not only that but hopefully giving you some insights as to how best to use it yourself. So what I’ve got here is I’ve got up...

Google Analytics Real Time

Google Analytics – Real-Time Overview

July 9, 2021 / by Dave Burnett

Hi, everybody. Dave Burnett here from AOKMarketing just wanted to spend a few minutes today to go over some things in Google analytics to answer some questions that we often get. I figured it’d be easier just to put a quick video together so you can take a look...

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics

October 14, 2020 / by Dave Burnett

On October 14th, 2020 Google Analytics team brought Google Analytics 4 (GA4) out of Beta. Formerly called App + Web properties, Google has moved to combine reporting all in one place.  As of today the new experience is fully operational, but new features and innovations are still being added....

In-House SEO

When Your In-House SEO Isn’t Enough & What to Do About It 

June 18, 2020 / by Dave Burnett

Is there anything more frustrating than seeing your organic traffic drop off a cliff, and you don’t know why? If you’re doing any of your marketing or site optimization yourself, there’s a good chance that you have in-house SEO working on your campaigns. This could be a single person...