Live Chat: The Most Preferred Method of Communication

January 2, 2017 / by Dave Burnett

Live chat is a web service that allows businesses to chat with customers via live messaging. This mode of communication happens to be the most dynamic way of connecting with your customer. In fact, you can think of it as performance-enhanced email support.  If email support had a perfect...

Designing an eCommerce site

Designing an eCommerce Website

December 27, 2016 / by Dave Burnett

  In order keep up with current online marketplace trends, you must design an ecommerce site that makes finding and purchasing your products a breeze. Designing an ecommerce site isn’t just about inserting fancy fonts and graphics coupled with a simple HTML editor, and calling it a day. A...

15 Signs That Indicate Your Website’s SEO Isn’t Working

December 19, 2016 / by Dave Burnett

Are you finding yourself wondering out aloud if your SEO strategy is working or not? Are you also losing sleep over the fact that your current SEO efforts just aren’t returning your desired ROI? In theory, search engine optimization is something we can all get behind. After all, your...

SEO Versus PPC: Do You Need Them Both?

December 5, 2016 / by Dave Burnett

“Should I drive my competition into the ground using PPC (pay-per-click) ads or an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, or both?” “Which one should I start with first?” “Is it a good idea to start both in parallel, hoping one of them will yield the results I am hoping...

Do I Need A Website Audit?

November 28, 2016 / by Dave Burnett

The internet plays host to a billion websites today. With a mind-boggling count like that, how do you make sure that your website stands a good chance of being discovered on search engines? On the subject of search engine ranking, one abbreviation manages to get digital marketers excited in...