Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile – A How-To Guide

October 23, 2019 / by Marketing Team

Your Audience Is On LinkedIn. Because of this, you should take the time to optimize your LinkedIn profile.  In fact, the latest stats according to LinkedIn is there are more than half a billion professionals worldwide who gather on LinkedIn to stay connected and informed, advance their careers, and...

Who Do Your Customers Follow


August 27, 2019 / by Dave Burnett

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAVE 50%? Last week I had a revelation. When looking at cost per conversion for one of our clients, Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) was WAY cheaper than Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). They were getting a 50% cost savings per conversion, yet they only...

SEO Questions Answers

SEO FAQ’s Page

August 22, 2019 / by Marketing Team

SEO FAQ’s Page   Getting the most out of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts means having a good understanding of how it works, and making sure that you’re giving the search algorithms what they want in return for a higher ranking. But if you’re starting out with SEO,...

The Holy Grail Of Search Is AI

AI Is the Future of Search

October 15, 2018 / by Marketing Team

One of the biggest, “high concept” ideas in technology, especially in our 21st-century information age, is artificial intelligence (AI). For some, it’s a Holy Grail idea in tech, while for others, it represents a potential threat to human civilization because we may be risking the creation of beings that...

How To Get Trust And Authority Online

How to Rank Your Top Keywords

October 8, 2018 / by Marketing Team

Whenever we need information, typing a query into search engines like Google is the standard behavior. In the 21st century, there is not only a vast amount of data accessible online via the internet, but most people carry devices that are capable of scanning the internet at any time....