How To Use Drones

What AI Drones Mean for Your Future

August 14, 2018 / by Marketing Team

The future is here, and as much as I embrace new technology on a daily basis to help our clients market their businesses, it doesn’t detract from tech’s potential to be more than a little creepy at times. That’s the conclusion I gleaned from an odd encounter in my...

GDPR - How To Market

GDPR Advertising Checklist

August 7, 2018 / by Marketing Team

It just became more challenging to market or sell to prospective international customers. That’s because the European Commission’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, heaping onerous new data-management regulations on organizations of all sizes, from multinationals to SMEs—and everyone in between. Think of it as Canada’s Anti-Spam...

Walk In Your Customers Shoes

Generate More Leads with Customer Avatars

July 31, 2018 / by Marketing Team

Who Else Wants to Pay Less for Leads? Generating More Leads with Customer Avatars Customer avatars or profiles are fictional representations of your ideal clients, and they’re essential marketing tools for anybody who wants to generate leads for less. Beyond that, avatars can also help you identify people who...

Why Update Your Site Content

SEO Factors To Consider When Rebranding

July 24, 2018 / by Marketing Team

Rebranding a company can be one of the most fraught marketing exercises imaginable. Not only are you changing the look and feel (possibly even the name) of your organization, you’re repositioning it in an entirely different way. For an SME that lacks deep pockets to invest heavily in online...

Targeted Customer Messages

Targeting Messaging for a More Personal Customer Experience

July 17, 2018 / by Marketing Team

Targeting Messaging for a More Personal Customer Experience One of the main purposes of the customer avatar is to determine what your ideal customer looks like so that you can keep that in mind when marketing to your leads, communicating with customers, and creating targeted messages. Along with helping...