12 Things eCommerce Businesses Can Do to Earn Customers – PART II

May 1, 2017 / by Dave Burnett

Just about every business today is online and striving very hard to come up with new and innovative ways to lure in more customers. If you’re planning to join the ranks of those businesses, you should also check out our previous article which highlighted six things businesses can do...

Going Deeper: SEO – The Importance of Internal Links

April 25, 2017 / by Dave Burnett

Internal Links: What are they? Internal links are links on your site that go from any given page to another page on the same domain. Their purpose is to make navigating around a website easier. Internal links are generally needed on websites for three underlying reasons: They help boost...

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Going Deeper: Online Marketing: How to be an Authority Online

April 17, 2017 / by Dave Burnett

Brand authority is without a doubt your most prized business asset. And why shouldn’t it be? People look up to you as a trend-setter and do not mind paying extra just to get a slice of that high-end product or service. Building authority online is a time-consuming task which...

Going Deeper: Backlinks: Their Importance and How to Get Them

April 10, 2017 / by Dave Burnett

In plain terms, a backlink is a link your website earns from another website. Why is this important? Backlinks can have a serious impact on how Google ranks your website, which is they are considered uber-useful when it comes to boosting a site’s SEO ranking. For most search engines,...

Google Grants Explained Like Never Before

April 3, 2017 / by Dave Burnett

Non-profit organizations are working hard to change the world. Google can help them get closer to their noble goals. Through their help, charity organizations and nonprofits can get more volunteers, donations and visibility. That’s a direct result of sharing your message with those who are highly likely to engage...