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  • Simply put! the AOK team excels at PPC marketing. They’ve outdone all other vendors we’ve worked with on every dimension. We continuously see strong preparation, incredible responsiveness, fair pricing, the ability to adapt, and of course the financial results. Our first campaign delivered a +450% return on ad spend. Learning from that they evolved our second campaign to deliver over +900% with ~100K worth of sales. Without them, I’d still be saying “paid acquisition doesn’t work for us”, and be I’d still be missing out.

    Alan Smith

    Co-Founder at Strategyzer
  • “AOK Marketing offers a great service. As a small nonprofit organization, we don’t have the in-house expertise to maximize the use of our Google AdWords service. They took time to understand our needs, and then developed a plan to help us reach our target audience on AdWords. It was an iterative process, full of trial and error. We learned so much, and now we have a new platform to reach the people who need our help.”

    Stephanie Colosi

    Assistant Director of Marketing JVS – Work Transforms Lives
  • Got some great news… just signed 2 large jobs that will keep us busy till end of year. They were both from people who googled us and have no doubt the new website was a contributor.
    Thanks for all the help!!”

    Davyn Arscott

    President & Senior Estimator THE RENO KING
  • Worked with AOK on numerous project as both a supplier and business partner. Never have I seen a company so dedicated to providing their clients with speedy, courteous and professional service.

    Michael B

    CEO, Visual Communications Specialist
  • The team at AOK have always provided superior customer service and continually go above and beyond to produce results. Their knowledge of products, markets and branding expertise are unparalled and have made a definite impact on our business.

    Erin G

    Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • We are a very data-driven company.  So when it came to testing PPC, we wanted to work with someone who knew what they were doing and who would use data to determine whether PPC was working or not. I love how AOK not only provides expert strategic advice and implementation but constantly evolves our PPC based on what the data showed us. I was blown away with the results we saw nearly immediately and then the double-digital conversion rates we were achieving after just two weeks!

    Margaret Dawson

    CMO, Rival IQ
  • For the past two years the team at AOK have been great partners.  Their ongoing support has enabled a new line of business to grow from zero to millions of dollars in revenue.

    Sal De Spirito.

    Executive Director, Marketing – Advertising Specialty Institute
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  • Searchability

    People want:

    Which need does your website serve? Are you looking to inform (To Know), are you looking to help (To Go), or are you looking to sell (To Buy)?

    Brand Strategy

    Most successful sites have a well defined brand strategy, both online and offline. Do you?
    What does your brand stand for? What exactly do you deliver? For example: Zappos – Delivering Happiness, FedEx – Delivers overnight… What do you deliver?

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    Define Success – What are your goals?

    Define Success – What are your goals?


    Any good website redesign has to take into account three factors:

    Google – the machine that indexes your site.The maching indexes your site as a collection of pages, not a book that gets read cover to cover. How does each page answer a particular query?

    People – the real live human beings who discover and navigate your site. Don’t make people think to hard! Make the answers obvious and reduce friction.

    Measure Success

    What are you tracking?
    How are you achieving your goals?
    What does your customer journey look like?

    Branding – how does the site delivery your brand message and support your long term vision? How well known is your brand, and what are you doing to promote it on your page?



    Take the numbers, and make decisions.

    1. Diagnose the problem with your site – How does the machine view the page? How do real users view the page? How is your brand message delivered?
    2. Prescribe a solution to your problem. – Taking into account what you are measuring for success, how do we accomplish your goals?
    3. Implement the solution.
    4. Measure the results.
    5. Make improvements.
    6. Repeat.

    Our Latest Work


    Some before and after examples of websites which we revamped


    Website Development

    Website Development pricing is based on the size and complexity of your site