Social Media Management

We manage your online brand building across all the major social networks.

Ask Yourself

Do we have multiple social accounts and utilize multiple social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blog publishing platforms such as WordPress?
What is our primary goal for social media? Publishing, content marketing/brand
building, customer service or something else?
Do we operate in a regulated industry, such as insurance or real estate, where a lack of compliance can result in legal or regulatory consequences?Do we rely on a sales network of local dealers, agents or franchisees that may be operating hundreds of Facebook pages or Twitter accounts not controlled by the corporate marketing department?Do we have a social media strategy – or will we need strategic consulting services?Do we have social media staff in place?Have we set KPIs and do we know how we will define and measure success?


Social network support


Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube still garner the lion’s share of social media traffic and marketers’ attention. However, image-based sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and Pinterest have captured the interest of younger consumers – and more marketers are trying to reach this lucrative demographic through these networks as well.



Better legal and creative compliance across the enterprise.Improved time management.
Cross-channel reporting capabilities in near real time.